You + MeHi, I’m Shawn Marie

 Welcome! I’m Shawn Marie Turi: Founder + Curator-in-Chief of all things SMT! I am so happy you are here! 
I’m not sure how you found me, but if you believe like I do, that it’s no longer ‘business as usual’, that’s it’s time for some serious change, that we get the best stuff done when we do it together… then you’ve come to the right place!  It’s time to do business in a new way and I am “all in!”… for the conversation and for the work!  
A bit about me…

I’m a multi-passionate + multi-talented business strategist and I’m really good at what I do. I help businesses get things done and I help leaders… lead better. I am an irrepressible seeker of the TRUTH! and a lifelong creative entrepreneur, writer, poet, artist. As a Master Desire Map Facilitator, I’ve taken hundreds through the program. I’m a champion for life and for those willing to take to the deep end. That’s just for starters. 

Some things I believe + think + love…

I believe (with conviction) that knowing how you actually want to feel, is the first step to being fully present for your work, your life, your calling, your art, your passions and your relationships (all of them!) 

I am astonished by how many people I meet who not only ‘don’t love what they do’ but who actually say, ‘they hate it! I want to change that!  

A few more things I believe (with my entire being) are…

  • Business IS Personal
  • Faking it has a cost (and it’s a big one!)
  • It’s all about the why
  • If you don’t love it… then don’t do it. Period!
  • Generosity is a growth strategy
  • Relationships are everything
  • Everyone just wants to be seen and heart. No exception. 
  • The Desire Map (by Danielle LaPorte) should be required reading (there are many others, but I’ll start there)
I’m so honored to be here with you and to share some thoughts, some wisdom and some of my experiences, on business, life, and love. It is my genuine hope to help you discover what is really true for you, to do something about it and to help you move the needle, even a little bit.