Trust your Intuition

TRUST YOUR INTUITION PHOTO v3What I know for sure is this. Your body already knows what to do. It absolutely knows what you need. It positively gives you indications how it feels. The problem isn’t that signs and signals aren’t there, but that too often, we don’t listen. We turn down the volume. We get distracted by meaningless noise. We ignore the sound of our own intuition.

Learning to trust your instincts and listening to your own intuitive sense, is paramount to connecting to what’s best for you and most certainly to having lasting success and happiness. Every time I’ve listened to that soft, deep, knowing voice of my intuition, I’ve never been steered wrong. Likewise, the times in my life and career that I’ve made mistakes, was definitely when I didn’t listen.

How many times have you second guessed yourself? You know, that ‘gut feeling’ you get when something’s just not quite right. Even when you can’t put your finger on it, you know something is amiss. Your intuition is your always present co-pilot and when you’re willing to check in with it, you always get the answer you need, although maybe not the answer you want and I suppose, that’s the rub. But here’s the deal, really…

We are all after some sort of a feeling, yes? We knowingly do things, say things eat things and make decisions that are going to have a direct and specific effect on the way we feel. There are some who prefer to be in the drama, the chaos, the disorder and overwhelm of life and for them, this this idea can be difficult. Yet for those who really wish to be present, who genuinely desire being in the ease and natural flow of things, meaning…

  • less stress
  • more truth
  • authentic connections
  • making bold declarations of love
  • doing work you’re crazy about
  • being creative
  • giving back
  • making a difference
  • creating art
  • saying “NO” to bullshit
  • being unapologetically
  • wide open heart / big fucking fence (thanks Danielle!)
  • making ‘self-care’ a priority
  • doing what you say you’re going to do

… they ‘check in’ often! They listen. They trust their intuition. They say NO a lot. They say YES when they mean it

If you find yourself wondering or second guessing or asking, “Is that really my intuition?”, just know this. YOU KNOW!! You have everything you need, right now, to get the answers you’re after. You just have to get quiet and listen. It’s there! It’s a feeling, a knowing, a whisper, a tap, an ache, a deep stirring, a sense. It’s a clarity that when comes to you, can feel almost unfathomable and is so vivid you actually find yourself doubting it. But don’t. Trust me on this. It will serve you every time.

Over the years, through businesses and partnerships, relationships and friendships, I’ve both trusted my instincts and have chosen not to listen, but the one constant was this… I always knew, deep in my heart and my gut, when I was making a wise choice that I was truly in alignment with and I knew when I wasn’t, even if I couldn’t bring myself to say it at the time, I could feel it and that ‘feeling’ is what I’ve come to trust above all else.

So now, I take in all the information, I listen to ideas, I consider proposals, I ask for advice, I weigh the options and then… I go in. I go with what my heart and my gut feels most strongly. I go with what “feels really good to me!”

In closing, if you find yourself not knowing what to do… “do nothing!” Push pause. Take a breath. Go for a walk. Get a massage. Mediate. Be honest. “Go In!” Ask ‘yourself’ better questions. Connect to how you feel. Get quiet. Listen. You WILL hear the deep, soft voice – your truth, your true north.