Desire Map

Desire Mapping: from me to you!

Let me start by saying… I LOVE DESIRE MAPPING! It’s that simple. And I’m spilling the details below, on precisely what that means to me and what it might mean for you. There’s a lot to unpack, so I’m breaking it down in bite size-ish bits. Read what resonates for you and leave the rest. Sign up for a workshop or maybe share it with a friend. Bottom line… this is ALL for you and I’m so grateful you’re here!

Ps:: here are my CDF’s (Core Desire Feelings). If you don’t know what that means, you will soon.

My CDF’s — Sanctuary + TRUTH + Order + Irresistible + Magic + Sade

About ‘Me’ and my Desire Mapping journey

I am a Licensed Master Desire Map Facilitator, and I have been hosting Desire Map Workshops since 2014.

Shortly after the Desire Map was published (in 2014), Danielle LaPorte turned her best-selling book (by the same name) into a curriculum and then a workshop series.

I host several Desire Map Workshops, designed for different disciplines. They have been outlined for you below. Each workshop has a Level 1, and Level 2, and my current workshop offerings are also outlined for you below as well as the specific types of Desire Map Workshops I offer.

Why Do I Desire Map?

Because it’s got to feel good if you are going to get results! And I want to feel good… and some other things too!

As a Master Desire Map Facilitator, I will tell you this…

Desire Mapping has changed the way I do… EVERYTHING! (Thank you, Danielle.)

I love… Gatherings + Community + Going Deep + Connecting to the TRUTH + Keeping it real + Being Inspired + Taking Action + Creating Magic + Making Things Happen + Birthing a Big Ideas and… helping others do the same!

If you love these things too, maybe we should connect.

What is Desire Mapping?

The Desire Map will take everything you’ve ever thought about goal setting, and turn it inside out. It will have a most profound effect on every area of your business, your work, your passions, your life, your art, and your relationships. It’s a tool for strategic and soulful goal setting, life planning from an entirely new perspective and a path to TRUTH discovery like never before.

What is the Desire Map Workshop?

Desire Map Workshops are about transformation, most practically. Sure, we get into the heart and soul of the matter, that’s the magic of it. But these workshops are a placed to gather with others who (like you) are genuinely interested in uncovering the TRUTH about what it is they really want in their lives, in their work, in their business, in their art, in their relationships and in every area that intersects. My Desire Map Workshops, take you on a deep dive into what’s working and what’s not, and we get to look at our experiences with a critical eye as well as a nostalgic one. We invite the best of our past, into the future. We honor tradition while creating new ones. I can’t promise this, but it just might change your life.

There are two levels to Desire Map Workshops. I’ve outlined some of the specifics for you below.