Welcome Back! The most important question remains… “How do you actually want to feel?” It’s a courageous choice, to let desire lead the way and it takes courage to change, to make decisions in a totally new way, to break free and to say YES to wanting more! That’s where we find ourselves when leaning into the Desire Map Level 2 Workshop.

LEVEL 2 takes us to the next power, incredibly necessary steps. IMPLEMENTATION of our CDF’s. You’ve clarified your Core Desired Feelings, and now you’re ready to use this spectacular awareness to shape your decisions and to guide your choices. This is where we leave just “talking about,” and we actually get into ACTION! It’s time to continue the incredible work you’ve already done. Let’s Do This!

You will make some soul-anchored declarations and back them up with some very practical and strategic PLANS. Trust me, you can have both! Poetic + Creative. Pragmatic + Decisive.

Identify old goal-setting patterns that no longer serve you and apply a new way that connects to you more deeply (more truth + more joy + more results)

Outline goals | intentions | desires | objectives – that are aligned with your CDF’s

Strengthen your “saying no” capacity and create or “stop doing list”. this will make space for what it is that you truly desire more of

Design a plan for how you’ll stay aligned to your CDF’s in all the major life areas

Be supported to stay the path to creating and LIVING the life you crave the most

Who’s this Level 2 for?

Level 2 is for anyone who has completed a Desire Map Level 1 Workshop. Besides, it’s for all of you Level 1 grads, who are looking to up-level the connection to your own courage + confidence + passion in your lives. Who wants to connect with other like-minded souls (both locals and out-of-towners) and who are ready to do the deep dive back into your DESIRES!

You’ve identified and declared your CDF’s, and now you want to really live them, without getting caught in the loop of endless, mind-numbing goal-oriented striving! Who wants that?

At this level, the work opens you up to a greater, more expansive, more vibrant and deeper vision of what’s truly possible. This is about implementing your CDF’s, reconnecting you to your truth and preparing you to live and work and create, from your “preferred state of being!”

What’s being said about my Desire Map Workshops

I’ve been curating and hosting Desire Map Workshops since 2014. My workshops have been described this way…

  • a holy think tank
  • a soulful business + life course
  • the surprise of a lifetime
  • an unexpected life preserver
  • a wakeup call
  • a blessing
  • a temple
  • a luxury filled and truth soaked body slam
  • the ‘real deal’
  • life changing + life-affirming

Who Desire Maps with me…

  • Desire Map Readers
  • Desire Map Facilitators
  • Founders and Leaders
  • CEO’s + Executives
  • Entrepreneurs + Coaches
  • Healers + Academics
  • Sales Organizations + Sales Teams
  • Professionals + Stay-At-Homers
  • Artists + Makers
  • Creatives + Writers
  • Visionaries + Innovators
  • Trailblazers + Rulebreakers
  • Benevolent Troublemakers
  • Sales + Revenue Generators
    – to name a few