Level One is all about clarifying your CDF’s (cdf’s = core desired feelings) and how you actually want to feel in ‘every’ area of your life. Don’t think for one minute this is lightweight. If you did, you could not be further from the truth. Desire Mapping is about discernment, decision making, going in, going deep, asking the crucial questions, and connecting to your own inner guidance system for the answers. Trust me, they’re there!

You’ll take a look at your own perceptions and values around how you feel and how you actually ‘want to’ feel, in relationship to ambition, external approval, money, self-worth, expectations, how you experience freedom and your own degree of respect and judgment. We’ll spend some time considering what’s working and what’s not and what you might like to change.

I’ll dive into and share with you some of the leading-edge science (and neuroscience) behind brain-waves and heart-waves, feelings and happiness and the frequency of joy.

This workshop is about feelings, and it’s about ‘feeling good,’ and it’s also SO much more than just that!  It’s about “preferred states of being” and identifying yours, for yourself! This is a really big deal!  You’ll leave the workshop having done some amazing work, making some incredible connections (to yourself and others), having some game-changing ‘ah-has’ and having identified your “Core Desired Feelings”, which you will use (if you choose to) as a guidance system for making most discerning, self-loving and maybe even, radical decisions.

You’ll look at how you experience freedom overall and in what areas of your life you want more!  We will explore 5 key life areas and how you most want to feel in each of them, including (but not limited to)


  • Lifestyle + Livelihood
  • Creativity + Learning
  • Body + Wellness
  • Relationships + Society
  • Essence + Spirituality