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This is about how I work as a strategist, about how I view great leadership and how I approach creative business + brand + sales development. Take a look at my offerings and let me know if you’d like to connect. (this will lead the ‘let’s connect page).

One-On-One Strategy Sessions:

If you’d like to work with me ‘one-on-one’, there are a few ways we can do that. What’s the best fit for you?

Power Strategy Session:

2-hour Session | also includes 1-hour pre + 1-hour post session

The Power Strategy Session is perfect for anyone who has a very specific goal and needs to drill down quickly, strategically and effectively. Whether you are gearing up to head into a negotiation, give a talk to your team or from the stage, need write some super effective copy for your brand story or need a killer sales presentation that knocks it out of the park… this is a great place to start.

Power Strategy Session: $1800 (4-hours)


SMT Event

Action Strategy Program | 30/60/90 Day

Weekly Sessions w/ SMT | includes a 2-hour pre + 30-day post follow up sessions

The Action Strategy Program is ideal for founders, leaders, executives, and teams, who are ready to do a deeper dive and get real results. If you want more structure and accountability, if you are ready to move the needle in a significant way (that’s both practical and soulful) and if you are craving discernment and clarity, this program is designed for you. Program breakdown is your choice of 30-days, 60-days, 90-days (all three include a 2-hour pre strategy session and a 30-day ‘post’ follow up session.)

Program outline: 8-hours (per 30-days)

meetings w/ Shawn Marie can be virtual, in person or a combination of both

  • Initial Strategy Session: 2-hour
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions: 1-hour
  • 30-day Post Program Follow-up Session: 1-hour w/ 30-day | 2-hour w/ 60-day / 4-hours w/ 90-day (includes brunch or lunch)
  • Unlimited email + txt access during the entire program
  • SOS calls (15-min) / 3 per 30-days

Action Strategy-30: $4500 (8-hours)
Action Strategy-60: $5900 (15-hours)
Action Strategy-90: $7300 (23-hours)

(if you are inquiring about a group or team, please reach out to Shawn Marie directly to discuss the particular and the group rates)

If You Need More Information. Please Contact Me with Your Questions.