Would you like to join me? I invite you to come in and explore.
The following are ways we can connect, work together, play together. If something here speaks to you, I look forward to seeing you soon.

No matter where you are in your business or your life, it’s happening right now. And if you are here, then chances are you are curious. Maybe you are craving more of something or more of everything. Something has led you here. Whatever the reason is… Welcome!
I am so grateful that I get to do work that I love with people I love. I’d have it no other way. I wish that for you as well. Over tea or coffee, in a space of sanctuary and vivid creativity, we work. Together we go there. We uncover what’s working, what’s not. We talk about desire and how you ‘most’ want to feel. We inspire and connect, we strategize and create, we witness your openness, we honor your ambition. Our time together is soulful and practical. Two Hour Strategy Sessions: 3-months 6-months
TRUTH is the New Black: a conversation series
Welcome to the conversation. TITNB is a fireside style interview featuring a special guest each month hosted by Shawn Marie Turi. In a beautiful "SALES FREE" environment, you get to be part of genuine and inspiring conversation that goes deep, get's real and get's to the TRUTH of it all. We wrap with open 'all access' Q&A, where there is no question off limits.

Let’s Dish: Dinner + Discussion for Remarkable Women In Business
Enjoy a beautifully curated private dinner for sensational successful women who value connection and community and who believe that the 'Get is in the Give'. These are also women who think 'ambition' is a good word, who are deeply committed to growing while helping other women do the same and who understand that 'business' is just the beginning.

OPEN Gathering
A casual gathering for mindful talented entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives who really get that 'business is JUST the beginning.
Desire Map Level One
This is where it all starts (and for me, it’s where everything changed.) This is where we start a conversation that leads to connecting to “your” Core Desired Feeling (aka: CDF’s). This is where you start to unpack, get clear, speak your deepest truths and STOP giving 100% to what you don’t really want. It’s blinding how close we are to what we most crave and to how we most want to feel. This workshop is where all that comes to the surface and things start to change. If you’re ready to embrace desire as a practice. Validate your ambition (why wouldn’t you… it’s sexy!) Open up more. Generate boldness. Connect + Celebrate + Create and get things moving, then join us!

Desire Map Level Two
So, you’re officially a Desire Mapper and I’m sending you big BIG love for saying ‘yes’ to yourself and yes to your desires. it’s a big deal. Don’t ever think it’s not. In Level Two, things start to get juicy. Having started the process of identifying your CDF’s, this is where we start to anchor, let the work you’ve already done take shape in a deeper way. Our time together is all about implementing, putting this work into practice, allowing your CDF’s to take center stage and guide your work, your plans, your brand, your message, your decisions. If you are ready for some soulful application and inspired guidance and you’re ready to take things up a notch, then this is for you. If what you crave most is to live your desires, in your life and in your business, then join us!